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In the summer Mike and Jenny Turner moved into a beautiful property in Weston Under Penyard. With their usual boundless energy and the help of Roger Grounds (who is designing the new garden) they have set about altering it to the layout and design they prefer.  The initial plans include putting in 20 beautiful magnolia trees that are being planted now and losing some of the laurel hedges that currently dominate the garden in places.  Every couple of months I have asked Mike and Jenny to update us with photos which we will publish on the Feature Page to keep us updated and possibly give members some ideas.

If you remodel your garden, part of your garden or find an idea or technique works really well, please write something about what you have done and submit with photos so that too can be featured on this page.

Thank you!

Features Page

Mike and Jenny’s garden

Laurel Hedges

Swimming pool to Koi pond


Tom’s garden

When I moved to Ruardean, in the midst of the pandemic last year (2020), this is what I found. After a bit of hard work.??

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Ongoing garden pictures would be great.

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