A Tribute to Ken Vaughan by Larry Bellamy

I’ve been asked to say a few words about Ken Vaughan, whose funeral was last week.

Ken was a founder member of the NGC in 1989 and was the longest-standing member of the committee, taking over from Jean Elkins as president in 2011.

Ken was a professional gardener from the northwest and when the National Trust took over Westbury Court Garden, Ken took on the major restoration that it needed.

The garden was in a very neglected state and it had a shock when Ken took charge of its massed brambles and other weeds.

He was instrumental in restoring its character to its present state which, thankfully, has been maintained.

I took my sister to the garden in the mid nineties and when she admired a flowering specimen of Southernwood, the rolled-up-sleeves gardener who was working nearby (Ken) gave her some cuttings of it, one of which is still growing in her back garden.

She was touched by his interest and full of praise for his friendliness.

When he and Sheila retired to Newnham, Ken continued his interest in cacti and usually produced a few for the Street Fair stall.

Ken was one of those people one meets in life who is indelible and those members who did not know him, missed a character.

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