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- Martin Clarke -

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I have been a keen gardener from a very early age growing up in a small Worcestershire village and helping the local nurseryman who grew tomatoes and chrysanthemums under glass.

For three years I trained to be a Rural Science teacher and then taught the subject in three different Secondary schools. Each school had extensive gardens, greenhouses and also kept livestock. During these years I passed the Royal Horticultural Society's Diploma in School Gardening. I have been a member of the RHS for over fifty years.

I then became the Environmental Science Adviser to Co. Antrim Education Committee. I was responsible for courses for teachers, the training programme for horticultural apprentices at the Committee's Education Garden Centre and the landscaping of school grounds.

My last career post was as Senior Secondary School Adviser to the County of Avon, this position took me away from horticulture but I maintained my great love of gardening through my own garden and by becoming minuting secretary to the Friends Committee of Bristol University's Botanic Garden.

Whilst I was in Ulster I was a member of the BBC's Ulster Garden programme which broadcast weekly a wide range of gardening information through recorded garden visits, gardening question times and studio discussions.

Since retiring to Newnham I have been a member of the Garden Club, being on the Committee for most of my membership. I have an allotment and helped to found the Allotment Association.

My special interests are vegetable growing, pruning fruit trees, soft fruit and shrubs, growing indoor pot plants and helping people to enjoy their gardens.

Martin Clarke BA


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